McKenzies Mill 

Nashville Recording and Touring Act


“McKenzies Mill is very fortunate to have Derrick Michaud on the stage, and in the studio with us. It’s not hard to find bass players with chops, but finding a bass player with a ton of talent and the discipline to know when and how to use it can be a rare find. Very proud to have him carrying the low end for us.”


Derek Joseph 

Nashville Recording Artist


“If you’re looking for a true pro, look no further, Derrick is the guy! He subbed once for me, and came in totally prepared, did a fantastic job, and knew he would eventually be my full time bassist. When he did finally join my band full time, he was always a pro, a true team player, with lots of stage energy, and a pleasure to have on the road! At rehearsals, he would come in totally prepared, knowing the songs front to back, and was the one to lead the other players through the new tunes! I can’t speak highly enough of him and his playing, you’ll never go wrong hiring him!”


Jay Bragg 

Nashville Recording Artist


“Derrick Michaud is a perfectionist. His attention to even the smallest detail translates into recordings that are of the highest quality imaginable. Easy to work with, inventive and super talented are all terms I would use to describe Derrick’s approach to music.”


Dave Perron 

Lead Vocal/Guitar/Band Leader, Under The Covers


“Derrick, or as I call him, Johnny Bass, is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 20 years as a band leader in a working band.  His versatility, feel, and ever present groove, make him an asset to any band that cares about their product.  Music first for Derrick and it shows.  Most importantly though, is the fact that Derrick is a damn fine human being….fun, dependable, and reliable.  I miss working with him but am happy he has moved onto bigger and better things.”


Terry McIntyre 

Lead Guitarist/Band Leader, Danica 


“It is rare in the music business to find a great musician, friend and family man all wrapped up in one. Well I can say I found that in Derrick Michaud. Derrick works extremely hard to be the best musician he can be on a daily basis. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Derrick for several years and I have to say it was some of the best moments of my life. Solid Grooves and always in the pocket. If you need someone in the studio or on tour you have my word that Derrick is world class.”


Paul Newton 

Co-Founder/Producer, Loud Sound Ridge Recording


“Derrick is the true definition of a seasoned professional musician. He has painstakingly honed his craft over his years as a live/studio bassist. Derrick has a driven focused work ethic, that is instantly apparent even before he plays a note of music. His ear and knowledge of music theory are impeccable. Not to mention he is one of the sincerest, most humblest humans you will meet.  Derrick will forever be my first call bassist for any project.”


Manny Zepada 

Keyboardist/Music Director, School Of Rock, Memphis, TN


“My band Arizona has had the pleasure of performing with Derrick on several occasions. Derrick always brought an upbeat professional attitude to the gig, and always a pleasure to have on the stage.  Musically, Derrick was spot on with the songs, good energy and a pocket we could count on. Finally i would like to add that Derrick was not afraid to direct when necessary.  If something needed adjustment we could count on Derrick to offer a suggestion and or a solution. He is simply an asset to any musical environment!”


Chip Eddleman

Lead Vocal/Guitar/Band Leader, Mudflap King


“Derrick is an extremely professional and talented musician. His work ethic is unmatched. Derrick is a great guy with the right attitude. I absolutely loved playing with him.”


Donnie Marrs

Drummer – Juno Mars, Derek Joseph, Gabby Johnson


“Playing with Derrick is easy. One of the most solid players around and his meter is that of a clock. Great bass player and a better person.”


Jeff Ward 

Drummer – Derek Joseph, Radiometer, Nick Garrison


“Derrick Is one of the most knowledgeable and professional musicians I have ever worked with.  He is also an amazingly talented bassist.”


Rachel Haughton

Co-Founder/Lead Singer, Pulse Party Crew


“When we auditioned Derrick for bass, everything just gelled from day one and I knew I had to have him. He’s easy going, always prepared for the next step, and is eager to do whatever it takes to get the job done right with some added original “Derrick flare.” He’s very versatile without over doing it; plays the song the way the writer intended with a nice smooth signature style of his own; and can also jam like nobody’s business when its time to get feet steppin’ on the dance floor. Derrick has a big heart which comes through in his performances and that’s something you can’t fake or imitate.  As talented as he is though, it doesn’t take away from his humble spirit. I hope in the future I have the pleasure of working with him again. I will forever be one of his biggest fans.”