00:06 – Paradise City, Guns N’ Roses

00:31 – Any Way You Want it, Journey

00:59 – Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith

01:28 – Walkin’ Shoes, Tora Tora

01:55 – Barracuda, Heart


This is a video of me playing along with several different songs in the genre of Rock. I have the songs listed above with their times so the viewer can skip to a specific song if needed. I put this video together to show the range of my playing abilities in rock music. Through this video you will see that I can play both finger style and pick style when it comes to rock music. These are songs that I have had to learn and play over the years with several different bands.

The bands covered in this video are Gun N’ Roses, Journey, Aerosmith, Tora Tora and Heart.